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All that people lose hours (asking, reading, listening, gathering) and money (guides, mistakes made on arrival, lack of planning) to discover themselves. Issues related to this amazing city: its climate, its people, cost of living, their places, attractive, student life, visa procedures, work, shop and pay, among others. Are 460 pages of information and interaction (images, templates, links). A comprehensive guide to London that goes beyond tourism and entertainment tips. Unique and innovative.

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Steps to Fly believes that to have a successful experience of life abroad and focus on sucessso your goal (be it school, work, walk or just try it) you have to be prepared. And the first month in the new country makes all the difference in this trajectory. Thus arose the idea of creating the Steps to Fly Collection: how to live in the big cities of the world and achieve success quickly.Tab in the “Steps to Fly in London,” people can find in one place all the necessary information for life and success in the city.

*There is a reduced version in English  – 57 pages

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